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dheath wrote: Our Trip to Tesco
On Monday we went to Tesco in Crewe. We learnt about where our food comes from and how it is produced. [gallery ids="692,693,694,695,696,700,701,702,705,706,708,710,711,712,713,714,715,717,720,724,725,727,729,731,733,734,736,737,740,741,742,743,74 (More)
dheath wrote: Science Week
We have had lots of fun exploring science. We explored the element of water. [gallery ids="484,468"]   We made some simple predictions about what might happen. [gallery ids="483,482,475,476,470,466,463,454,449,452,451"] Look what ha (More)
dheath wrote: Book Week
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0_f9xLHfo&t=99s As part of book week we have been exploring the text 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We went on a forest trek to look for the wild things; we produced artwork about the wild things and we even (More)
dheathWe have had great fun taking part in a variety of activities this week. We created mood fruit faces. We used different types of fruit, vegetables and pasta to create portraits in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Here are some of our fruit face cr (More)
dheathWe used an atlas to locate different places of interest around the U.K. We helped the superheroes complete their secret mission and located each place to successfully complete the mission. [gallery ids="380,381,382,383,378,377,376"] (More)
dheath wrote: Visit from Zoolab
Today year 1 enjoyed a fascinating visit from Zoolab as part of their science topic. They enjoyed learning about and touching a range of different animals from a snake to a rat. The children learned about how the different animals use their bodies to (More)

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