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dheath wrote: Changing Shape
[gallery ids="176,175,172,173"] Materials all have different properties. This means that some are able to change shape and stay changed.  Other materials can change shape temporarily but will go back to their original shape  and some materials (More)
dheath wrote: What will happen?
This week we used our planning board to carry out a fair test investigation to observe how different materials absorb water. We predicted what might happen. We selected different materials to test. We coloured one side of each material with w (More)
dheath wrote: Investigating Paper
This week we carried out an investigation to see who could build the strongest bridge. The strongest bridges didn't collapse when the moon buggy crossed to the other side. [gallery ids="83,84,85,86,88,90,95,98,99,102,103,106,107,108,109,111,114,11 (More)

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