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Mrs Hall
Mrs Hall wrote: A real life explorer
We had the morning with a real life explorer ..... Could you aspire to be an explorer when you're older? Where would you explore? What would you take? (More)
Mr Beesley
Mr Beesley wrote: Artsweek
[gallery ids="57,58,59"] We have had a wonderful creative week making marvelous Mayan art, creating headdresses and even dancing.  Enjoy our work. [embed]http://youtu.be/oSF2n1_Das0[/embed] (More)
Mr Beesley
Mr Beesley wrote: Music at The Oaks
We Video have been brilliant at The Oaks learning ay the piano. Enjoy this performance which is just one of many. [embed]https://youtu.be/I6u-MTy7JJk[/embed] (More)
Mr Beesley
Mr Beesley wrote: The Last Supper
As part of our RE topic this term we are looking at the Easter story. Our class have started to create artwork which is inspired by the famous paintings from history. (More)

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